Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Grandsons and windstorms

This month last year, I reconnected with my daughter whom I gave up for adoption right after her birth. She had just turned 18 then. Engaged to be married with a baby on the way. I was invited to and attended her wedding a couple of months later. We have stayed in touch throughout her life, and just prior to our reunion, we have been able to communicate directly, without going through the adoption agency. Phone calls and text messages and we have now met in person 3 times. In April, she gave birth to a baby boy. I finally got to see him and spend time with him and his parents last week. What a wonderful trip to happiness that was! My daughter and her husband are super with my new grandson. I adore all 3 of them.

A little over a month after my grandson was born, we had a big storm at my house. One that produced one hell of a windstorm (tornado). This storm uprooted the giant pecan tree that was too close to my house. It crushed the screened in porch at the very front of the house. The roof the house, 2 walls of the house and the floor plus 2 windows were also busted up pretty good. 2 trees in the front yard and the water well house were among the property damage as well.
It took a few days to remove the tree. A month to get the paperwork done with the insurance company so money could be made available for the repairs.
The repairs are not finished yet, but getting closer to completion. The roof on the house has been replaced. The porch has been rebuilt and a new roof on that has been completed. The outside of the house has been repainted. A new back door and stairs. Still need handrails for the stairs outside the back door. Outside lighting is on the list still and a ceiling fan for the porch. They still haven't done the well house. Some of the interior work has been done. New drywall and paneling have been replaced on the two walls that were broken. The 2 windows are still boarded up. The carpet in the living room and bedroom need to be removed and new flooring installed.
Hopefully this will be done soon.

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