Saturday, November 17, 2012

My First Needle Felting Experiment

A few weeks ago, I got the idea for a new doll and after finding a pattern that suited my needs... Lucky me, it had a tutorial attached to it. The making of this doll requires needle felting, which I have never before attempted... until recently. I went to the craft store looking for fabric for a possible custom order and of course the fabric I was looking for wasn't there. Then I remembered the doll I wanted to make and got to thinking about needle felting.  I found a little kit that was within my budget and decided to teach myself how to needle felt. This kit came with 2 felting needles, a foam block, felt and fibers to practice with. The photos that follow show the progress of my needle felting experiment and experience.

The beginning, just poking around. Pink circle of fibers on white felt. Purple fibers laid across, giving a sort of sunrise or sunset/reflection look.
Added more pink and purple to fluff up the first layer and twisted pink and purple fibers together and making another circle atop or on the bottom of the first segment of the design.
The previous photos were taken with my phone and the light was poor. This photo was taken with my trusty dusty point and shoot in natural light after adding a "tail" giving a sort of comet impacting a planet look to the design. Note the raised part in the center of the original segment. I tried my hand at felting a ball and attached it to the center of the original segment.

Now that I'm getting the hang of this needle felting thing, I'm not as intimidated as I was before about working on the doll I have in mind. If you are interested in trying needle felting, get yourself a little beginner kit located in the needlework section of your local craft store. The one I got was only $5.00 at Hobby Lobby.

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