Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tor Dog Harness Strap Covers

I had a custom order come in last night, and was I ever surprised and delighted. A teammate of mine asked if I could make covers for the straps on her dog's harness. I didn't know such covers existed. So I did some Google-ing and found out that yes they exist and very easy to make. After convo-ing back and forth for color and size choices I had a plan in place. So off I went to the fabric store the first chance I had today and found the fabric and thread I would need for this project.

I designed a template and cut it out of heavy poster board and then laid the template on the fabric and got to tracing, cutting and sewing. I think my first attempts came out quite nicely. It still may need some tweaking and more conversations with my teammate to get it just right, but here is pictorial evidence of my first attempt at my new product line *per request* of Tor Dog Harness Strap Covers.
22 inches long and 2 inches wide Chocolate brown non pill fleece Tor Dog Harness Strap Cover

22"x2"  and 12"x2" Tor Dog Harness Strap Covers shown with ruler for scale

12"x2" Tor Dog Harness Strap Cover in chocolate brown non pill fleece.


  1. Good job! My pup would have loved those when she was wearing a harness.

  2. Thanks Kate. If my dogs wore harnesses I'd make some for them too. I might make collar covers for them instead.


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