Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Clock is Ticking

Every Etsy seller knows that once you list something, whether a quantity of one or more the clock starts ticking on said listings. What buyers may or may not know (those who aren't also sellers) is that sellers have 4 months from the date an item is listed until that listing is retired or expired. I don't renew items very often, but I did today. So I'm providing a list of my listings with the end date on those listings, so people who are planning Holiday Shopping know how much time they have before they can't find these anymore or can ask to have it reserved.
Start Date
End Date
May 17, 2012
Sep 17, 2012
May 18, 2012
Sep 18, 2012
Jun 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012
Jul 9, 2012
Nov 9, 2012
Jul 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012
Jul 11, 2012
Nov 11, 2012
Jul 19, 2012
Nov 19, 2012
Aug 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012
Aug 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012
Aug 17, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
Aug 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012

 More listings coming in a few days. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tor Dog Harness Strap Covers

I had a custom order come in last night, and was I ever surprised and delighted. A teammate of mine asked if I could make covers for the straps on her dog's harness. I didn't know such covers existed. So I did some Google-ing and found out that yes they exist and very easy to make. After convo-ing back and forth for color and size choices I had a plan in place. So off I went to the fabric store the first chance I had today and found the fabric and thread I would need for this project.

I designed a template and cut it out of heavy poster board and then laid the template on the fabric and got to tracing, cutting and sewing. I think my first attempts came out quite nicely. It still may need some tweaking and more conversations with my teammate to get it just right, but here is pictorial evidence of my first attempt at my new product line *per request* of Tor Dog Harness Strap Covers.
22 inches long and 2 inches wide Chocolate brown non pill fleece Tor Dog Harness Strap Cover

22"x2"  and 12"x2" Tor Dog Harness Strap Covers shown with ruler for scale

12"x2" Tor Dog Harness Strap Cover in chocolate brown non pill fleece.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Horsing around with Stethoscope Covers

I really thought I could walk away from making stethoscope covers. But, they are the only items in my shop that sell consistently, so I'm making more of them. First one out of the stall... features horses, for all you horse lovers out there. I took a few quick photos of it last night. The photos are a bit blurry but good enough for a preview. 3 views of ONE stethoscope cover and my Limited Edition Tag photo.
As soon as I get 5 good photos of it, I'll list this stethoscope cover dedicated to the horse.

The Sewing Lesson

I had a helper in my sewing room on Friday. My roommate's niece loves hanging out with me in there when she comes over. After letting her push the pedal and learn the throttle control and reminding her to put the presser foot down. She sewed a straight seam using my sewing machine, with some supervision.

I'm looking forward to more sewing lessons with her. Listening to her sweet voice as she sings and watching her imagination flow and grow. The dress she's wearing is a bethiefliestoo Original and definitely a Original One of a Kind. She chose the fabric and the decorative elements. I wish I had gotten a picture of the front of the dress.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012