Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farewell Aunt Shirley and Jamie RIP

Back in 2001, I started making cloth dolls and I made a few that were given away as gifts. More were reserved for those lucky people who chose to buy my work. When I tried my hand at soft sculpture dolls, the results were unique to say the least. Two of my first soft sculpture dolls were The infamous Aunt Shirley and her older (not by much) sister, Jamie.

Jamie and her sister, Aunt Shirley got into an argument recently, probably over the last bit of rum in the doll house. Those who knew Aunt Shirley, know how she loves her rum punch. Things got way out of hand with the two sisters. By the time I was able to get in their room to break them up, I was too late. They had torn each other apart. Aunt Shirley's beautiful blond curls yanked out of her head and both of them stripped to their unmentionables and stuffing all over the place. They were in pieces. I'm heartbroken, these were two of my favorite characters and they are gone. Be at peace girls, you're already in pieces.

Aunt Shirley 

Jamie (Original Spelling Jaimee)
No solo photo available

You'll be missed. Much love and Rum!
Jamie and Aunt Shirley (2001-2012)


  1. OMG X5. I am crushed. Those poor drunken sluts! RIP.

  2. So did these poor old lushes duke it out or did they get eaten by rabid dogs? What a shame...

    1. They slugged it out in full out rum induced demonology. They found the scissors and cut each other up pretty bad... it was carnage and a war zone.


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