Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Princess in the Making

I know a lot you enjoyed watching Queen Tuplet progress from a bit a fabric to the charming character that she became. So I have a new treat for you to watch unfold. Queen Tuplet's baby sister "Princess Sixlet"

Like her Big Sister... Princess Sixlet is made of Cocoa colored felt. Princess Sixlet's body however is simpler in some ways and more complex in others. From the top of her currently bald head to her hips, HRM Princess Sixlet is over 15 inches. (Queen Tuplet Coco is 21 inches from head to toe). Sixlet's arms are approximately 14 inches in length and her legs are, according to my measurements, 15 inches from tip to toe. She's going to be a big girl. Embroidered eyes of blue, a nose of beige and lips of red. To match her dress, of course. I think Princess Sixlet may well be over 30 inches all or right around that when she is completed. No photos yet, but soon.


  1. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Thanks. I think you'll like it. At least I hope so. I think she's adorable... and BIG.


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