Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Princess in the Making... Part 3

Princess Sixlet Coco is coming along nicely. Her body parts are all stuffed and her legs are now joined to her body. Working on joining the arms now. Being a Princess and used to her own way, she wanted this next photo shoot done in the chair I sit in to do all of the by hand work on everything I make. Enjoy. I also reverted the pictures from the first photo shoot to their untouched version.
Legs joined to torso, arms leaning in place

Princess Sixlet standing in the chair, Showing off the back side of this character doll

closer look at the back of Princess Sixlet coco

Princess Sixlet standing to show her full height. As you can see, her arms have not been joined to the body yet.

Close up in natural light with the aid of flash photography

original photo of one stuffed leg and one unstuffed leg

original photo side view of one stuffed leg and one unstuffed leg

original photo of one stuffed arm and one unstuffed arm

original photo of stuffed head/torso before closing the bottom

original photo of face

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