Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Captain, Two Teams

As some of you may know I am the Captain of two Teams on Etsy and I help lead a few more.

I prefer to think of myself more as head cheerleader than Captain. The Teams I am leading cheers for are
Createability Team Etsy and Texas Friends Team Etsy. Recently, I started thinking about how to promote not only participation on both teams, but promote the members of the teams. So this is what I did on each of the Facebook Fan Pages for the teams I'm head cheerleader for.
Team Member of the Day! Each day I check the member list and I post one on Facebook. I've even created an image the Member of the day can use to promote the team and to say check it out, I was Team Member of the Day on such and such a day... how cool is that.
Here is a list for each team that has the Team Members of the Day so far
Createability Team Member(s) of the Day
Texas Friends Team Member(s) of the Day

I hope you will click on these links and like the team pages and give some shout outs to my teams.

I'm sorry I haven't done similar things for the other teams that I help lead, because I'm on some really good teams. As Captain of these teams, they are my priority right now.

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