Friday, May 18, 2012

Hidden Treasures... Vintage Finds

Some time ago I came into possession of 2 boxes full of interesting vintage finds. They once belonged to my aunt, who is with the angels now flying planes and riding motorcycles and making dollhouses and cat scratch-er condos.
Backside of vintage clip on earrings found in one of the jewelry boxes.

Clip on earrings. The look of a gold necklace wound up. Very cool.
I've already listed one great find. A pair of clip on earrings shown above. Another very nice item I found is the size of a drink coaster. It is made of brass and has a cork backing with the name of the company who made it. The front has the State Seal of Louisiana. It is in very good condition and is stored in the blue velvet drawstring bag I found it in.

needs a good polishing, but it is in good shape.

Great find for people who collect such things.

back view

I think my favorite thing I found today has to be the small shoe horn with a miniature shoe attached to it with a chain. I've never seen anything like this.

Little too much flash reflection in this photo

Pretty and unique!

I'm still finding things and as I find more I'll share. Last but not least the box I've been digging in today
Vintage wooden jewelry box and lid. As you can probably see, there is a lot of cool stuff to run my fingers through in there.

Vintage wooden jewelry box.

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