Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Queen in the Making.

One of the Etsy Teams I'm on is the Dollmakers team. Every month we have a challenge with a theme. These challenges are meant to help stretch the imagination and skills. Those who enter the challenge are then rewarded with being in a treasury with the other challenge entrants. This month's challenge is "Royalty". Now that's a challenge, it can any member of a royal family. The most obvious would be King, Queen, Princess and Prince. I chose a Queen. My Queen for this challenge is a fictional one, named Queen Tuplet Coco.
Her Majesty Queen Tuplet Coco is still in a few pieces, she should get herself together soon and make her debut in the Kingdom of Etsy to rule for as long as it takes.
Body made of Coco colored felt
Legs and feet made of coco colored felt
Arms and hands made of coco colored felt
Ears made of coco colored felt
Head made of coco colored felt. Brown Eyes 

Queen Tuplet Coco will be stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Have beautiful hair and dressed appropriately.

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