Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Queen in The Making... Part 5

Her Majesty Queen Tuplet Coco has approved the hat, shirt and skirt she will wear. The Hat and Shirt are made from off-white woven cotton fabric with images of cloth dolls, wire clothes hangers and tiny wooden clothespins printed on it. As stated in A Queen in the Making... Part 4 the hat was based on a pattern for a toddler sized fluted hat. The shirt is a pretty basic shirt pattern with a collar. It is sleeveless. Black double fold bias tape was used to finish the arm holes and hide the raw edges. The Skirt is also a basic skirt pattern. Brown plaid fabric that looks woven on one side and fleeced on the other side,  (I used the fleeced side as the wrong side.) She has the look of a precocious young lady on her way to an adventure. She and I haven't decided on shoes yet.... so stay tuned.

Note the white elastic chin strap on the hat. Love her new shirt and skirt combo. 

Proper young ladies wear skirts at a tasteful length... that especially goes for young Queen Tuplet Coco.

Doll stand is for photographic purposes only.


So sweet!

A very pleased looking Queen Tuplet Coco.


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