Monday, April 30, 2012

A show of hands to show our hearts belong to handmade

Each can help in his or her own way to make this protest work! You can spread the word, use the avatar, join the poll, the silent protest. The vacation mode will allow your items to still appear in treasuries, etc, while deactivating them will make them disapear, but feel free to support us in any way you want (Google crawls shops a couple of times per month). Any support is appreciated!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I used to Love what Etsy stood for. Now, since blatantly featuring a known re-seller and they will not clarify nor apologize to those shops who bought into the Handmade Movement as it was originally stated in the Original Mission Statement. I will be leaving Etsy when my items expire. 4 years of double talk I would expect from a politician seeking re-election from a venue who cannot and will not enforce its own policies fairly, just changes them shelter everything the handmade movement that they started is in violation of. I will pay the last of my fees at the beginning of the month and will not be accruing anymore listing fees to be paid. Thank you to everyone that has supported me in my Etsy Journey... that road has detoured to a place I cannot afford to be.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Queen in The Making... Part 5

Her Majesty Queen Tuplet Coco has approved the hat, shirt and skirt she will wear. The Hat and Shirt are made from off-white woven cotton fabric with images of cloth dolls, wire clothes hangers and tiny wooden clothespins printed on it. As stated in A Queen in the Making... Part 4 the hat was based on a pattern for a toddler sized fluted hat. The shirt is a pretty basic shirt pattern with a collar. It is sleeveless. Black double fold bias tape was used to finish the arm holes and hide the raw edges. The Skirt is also a basic skirt pattern. Brown plaid fabric that looks woven on one side and fleeced on the other side,  (I used the fleeced side as the wrong side.) She has the look of a precocious young lady on her way to an adventure. She and I haven't decided on shoes yet.... so stay tuned.

Note the white elastic chin strap on the hat. Love her new shirt and skirt combo. 

Proper young ladies wear skirts at a tasteful length... that especially goes for young Queen Tuplet Coco.

Doll stand is for photographic purposes only.


So sweet!

A very pleased looking Queen Tuplet Coco.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Queen in the Making... Part 4

The beginnings of this Royal's fashions.
What better place to start than with the top, correct?

Her Royal Hat

This hat, inspired by a pattern for a toddler's fluted hat is pretty much finished. I need to finish a few more seams and "doll" it up a bit more. No queen should be blah.

You've probably noticed she's wearing nothing but a hat and a smile. Just have to love Queen Tuplet Coco... or at least for now, Queen Topless Coco

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Queen in the Making... Part 3

What to Wear?

As a teaser I'm showing you the fabric being used for Queen Tuplet Coco's clothing. 
Queen Tuplet Coco, like all Queens, has the final word on what she wears and how she wants to look.
Her outfit consists of a blouse, skirt and matching hat. You will just have to come back to see the results.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Queen in the Making... Part 2..

Queen Tuplet Coco is really taking shape since you've last seen her. Be warned these photos are in her birthday suit. She'll be dressed appropriately for her next photo shoot. In Queen in The Making, Queen Tuplet Coco's body parts were more in pieces. Feast your eyes on her now. HRM Queen Tuplet's body has been constructed and her make-up is on. Her hair isn't finished yet, and she's not dressed yet. Soon, my lovelies, HRM Queen Tuplet Coco will be pulled together and ready to assume her duties as the ruler of her small world.

Blond hair and boobs, can't go wrong with that.

Coco Felt body stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

Cream colored bedspread yarn hair (not finished) "animal eyes" in brown,  pink blush, red lip liner, gold eye shadow and dark gray eye brow powder.

From the back.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Queen in the Making.

One of the Etsy Teams I'm on is the Dollmakers team. Every month we have a challenge with a theme. These challenges are meant to help stretch the imagination and skills. Those who enter the challenge are then rewarded with being in a treasury with the other challenge entrants. This month's challenge is "Royalty". Now that's a challenge, it can any member of a royal family. The most obvious would be King, Queen, Princess and Prince. I chose a Queen. My Queen for this challenge is a fictional one, named Queen Tuplet Coco.
Her Majesty Queen Tuplet Coco is still in a few pieces, she should get herself together soon and make her debut in the Kingdom of Etsy to rule for as long as it takes.
Body made of Coco colored felt
Legs and feet made of coco colored felt
Arms and hands made of coco colored felt
Ears made of coco colored felt
Head made of coco colored felt. Brown Eyes 

Queen Tuplet Coco will be stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Have beautiful hair and dressed appropriately.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dogs and Daybeds

A couple of weeks ago, my other half decided he would make an effort into adding some much needed extra seating/footrest near our computer work area in the living room. We had some drawers that originally went with a super single water bed frame and a mattress that went on a twin sized day bed. They fit nicely together. He stacked up the 2 sections of drawers and added a bit more wood on the back of the frame and placed it in front of our big windows in the living room. Added a bit of thin foam to the top and put the mattress in place. Perfect height for sitting or lying down to watch TV if you don't feel like being in the recliner. It is also the perfect height for stretching out your legs while sitting in the desk chair at the roll top desk next to the day bed.

I decided to do my part so I went to the store and got a new fitted sheet, a mattress pad and a body pillow with a fuzzy cover the same color as the sheet.Here is the resulting look.
daybed in front of the windows

fuzzy body pillow

6 drawers, one slightly ajar as the frame for the daybed.

The dogs are enjoying the bed. It's one of Lucy's favorite roosting places. She can watch the world go by the windows and the screened in porch. She likes to interact with her toys, have a snack and sometimes take a nap snuggled up on the pillow. Nibbler can get up there, but he hasn't to our knowledge taken full advantage of it yet. He will put his top half on it sometimes if he sees or hears something that gets his attention and today I saw him put his head on it deciding whether or not to grab the toy off of it.
Here are some new photos of Lucy and Nibbler enjoying the bed.

Nibbler plotting to get the toy tire.

Lucy watching things happen in the kitchen.

Lucy loving her pillow and watching her Daddy in the kitchen

Something in the kitchen got Lucy's attention.