Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Dress a Stethoscope...

Have a stethoscope
Have a Stethoscope Cover
Insert the part of the stethoscope that goes on the patient into one end of the stethoscope cover.

Slide the stethoscope all the way through to the other end of the stethoscope cover.

Observe how the patient end of the stethoscope is now uncovered, but the tubing is covered.

Your stethoscope is now dressed and ready to go where you go. To undress the stethoscope at the end of the shift, just reverse the instructions. Throw your stethoscope cover in the washer and dryer with your scrubs and it is ready for another shift.

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson on dressing and undressing a stethoscope. The purpose of stethoscope covers is to protect your investment in the stethoscope. Tubing can get expensive to replace, of course so can the other components. Not only will this make the tubing last longer, it will keep it cleaner and save your neck from getting sticky and your hair from being pulled when you take the stethoscope from around your neck to put the part you hear with in your ears. The patients will love your sense of style.

There is a selection of stethoscope covers in my shop and more are being added soon. Sorry folks, this stethoscope is not included in your purchase of a stethoscope cover.

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