Monday, March 12, 2012

4 Years On Etsy

On March 12, 2008 I joined Etsy and set up shop as berrybluecreations. I had been berrybluecreations for 4 years prior to joining Etsy, selling a couple of items a year on my own website which no longer exists. I tried opening a second shop DollandAnimalsbyDBW, but closed it a few months later and had that shop completely deactivated. It just never took off and after the items I had listed in that shop expired, I let it go. By October 2011 I was in desperate need of a change for the shop. So I closed berrybluecreations and opened BethiefliesToo. Opened on Oct 6, 2011

I still have my berrybluecreations account open, but it is no longer a shop. It is just a profile now and I rarely check for activity on it, since I'm working on getting the BethiefliesToo brand more visible. I'm taking this opportunity to thank Etsy and the Etsy community for a great first 4 years and hoping for many many more.


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