Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Troll by any other name...

You may remember the trolls from fairy tales... mostly ugly, mean, highly unattractive and definitely creatures to be avoided. You may also remember the troll dolls from the 80's with their cotton candy textured fluffy hair and jeweled bellies... so ugly they were cute or the other way around, depending on how much of a fan of the creatures you were. The troll I have created leans more toward the crazy cuteness, with just a bit of the weird and creepy.

This Troll Doll is currently listed in my Etsy shop:

Inspired by Chocolate Pie and Troll Dolls, the Chocolate Pie Troll Doll will add some whimsy to your Holiday decorations. The body of the doll is made of cotton fabric with a big cat motif. You will find grosgrain ribbon with leopard spots around the middle and under the bosom of this doll. The arms are secured to the shoulders and middle of this doll. The boots and face of this doll are made of chocolate brown cotton fabric. Green fabric paint surrounds the big goofy googly eyes that are glued onto the face. Red and hot pink craft paints created the grin. I hand stitched the synthetic craft fur hair. This doll is not for rigorous play. It must lean on something to sit up... unless you want the chocolate pie troll to lie there dreaming of eating all the pie. Measurements of this doll are 18 inches by 8 inches.

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