Friday, October 28, 2011

Quilted Underwater Scene by BethiefliesToo on Etsy

Quilted Underwater Scene by BethiefliesToo on Etsy:

This scene depicting fish swimming around being watched by a frog on a lily-pad is a vintage fabric panel that I started to make into a wall hanging. I added black fabric borders around it and framed it with cotton cording and quilted around the fish and the frog. Decorative stitches around the raw edges of the black panels. It has black fabric on the back and the cording is tied off on the back. I lost my train of thought with this project, but I'm positive that YOU can finish it by binding the edges and perhaps adding a sleeve or take it apart and start over... how it is finished is entirely up to you. Measurements in inches 17 x 18.5.
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